As we have had two days in the 60s to lower 70’s we may be getting used to the summertime feel. However, by next week our temperatures will slightly fall, resulting in temperatures around the upper 40s to just maybe lower 50s. Here is a breakdown of our weekend and next week.

  • Today, Friday – 48°, Cloudy.
  • Saturday – 48°, 70% Chance of Showers.
  • Sunday – 54°, Mostly Sunny.
  • Monday – 52°, Partly Sunny.
  • Tuesday – 47°, Mostly Cloudy.
  • Wednesday – 46°, Showers, otherwise Mostly Cloudy.
  • Thursday – 44°, Showers, otherwise Mostly Cloudy.

As we can see, this weekend and next week look to be a bit cooler and a little bit soggier, but spring is still in the air.

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