The National Weather Service in Detroit/Pontiac will have a busy first half of the week as they complete storm surveys of confirmed tornadoes.

The following is a compilation of the tornado warnings, broken down by time and order from first to fifth.

Huron County 4:26 pm-5:03 pm

4:26 pm: The first tornado warning was issued for Huron County due to a confirmed waterspout moving on shore.

4:35 pm: The Huron County tornado warning is continued, and is changed to a confirmed tornado near Port Austin moving E at 40 mph. Weather spotters confirmed this tornado.

4:45 pm: The tornado warning is now extended, with the confirmed tornado moving E at 40 mph near Port Hope. Still confirmed by weather spotters.

4:54 pm-5:03 pm: Not much changed between these times, only a few cities being changed on the warning, until it was finally cancelled at 5:03 pm.

Saginaw County 4:46 pm-5:30 pm

4:46 pm: The second tornado warning was issued for Saginaw County. Weather spotters had spotted a funnel cloud near Merrill, or 8 miles SW of Freeland, moving E at 35 mph.

4:56 pm-5:08 pm: Again, between these times nothing much changed until 5:08 pm, when the warning was reverted back to radar indicated rotation located over Saginaw.

5:18 pm: The warning is once again reverted to weather spotters confirming a funnel cloud located over Bridgeport, or near Saginaw moving E at 25 mph.

5:28 pm: The storm weakens and is allowed to expire at 5:30 pm.

Genesee County 6:21 pm-6:43 pm

6:21 pm: The third tornado warning was issued for Genesee County. Weather spotters had again, reported a funnel cloud. The storm was located over Swartz Creek, moving SE at 30 mph.

6:25 pm: At this point, the velocity couplet is located over Swartz Creek, or near Flushing, and has strengthened to the point of a radar confirmed tornado moving SE at 20 mph. The NWS is stating it is on the ground at this point.

6:31 pm: The NWS has redacted that statement, and that warning is now a thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado located near Swartz Creek, or near Flint moving SE at 20 moh.

6:43 pm: The tornado threat has diminished and the tornado warning is cancelled at 6:43 pm.

Macomb County 7:52 pm-8:14 pm

7:52 pm: The fourth tornado warning was issued for Macomb County. A severe thunderstorm with radar indicated rotation was located over Armada, or near Romeo, moving E at 20 mph.

7:57 pm: This warning was essentially the same as the above.

8:03 pm: A confirmed tornado was located over Armada moving NE at 20 mph. The velocity couplet has again strengthened to the point that the NWS can confirm a tornado on the ground. The storm/tornado also switched to the NE.

8:14 pm: The storm that prompted the warning weakened below severe limits, thus the NWS cancelled it at 8:14 pm.

Oakland County

7:56 pm: The fifth tornado warning was issued for Oakland County. Doppler radar indicated rotation near Clarkston or 8 miles NE of Milford, moving E at 25 mph.

8:02 pm: The couplet, like the others, has strengthened to the point for the NWS to confirm it on the ground via radar. It was located near Clarkston or 8 miles W of Pontiac, moving E at 15 mph.

8:11 pm: The velocity couplet has weakened for the NWS the believe the tornado has lifted. It is now located over West Bloomfield, or near Pontiac, moving SE at 25 mph.

8:22 pm: The storm has weakened and is no longer capable of producing a tornado. Therefore the NWS cancelled the warning at 8:22 pm.

This was a crazy day, and we already know the tornado strengths of the confirmed ones. Here is a link to tornado surveys.

NWS Detroit Tornado Surveys

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